Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colorado Youth at Risk

Here is a video from Colorado Youth at Risk

Monday, September 1, 2008

Assisted Cycling Video

Bob Matter, the Executive Director and Founder of Assisted Cycling Tours just sent me this video of our day on the bikes- check it out (it's pretty cool!).

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dumb Friends League/Buddy Center

What a week! First off, great job to all of the students and staff that have participated in Metro State Gets Unconventional! We have had a wonderful time getting to know each other while giving back to the community.

Today, several students worked at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. The center is perfoming a 24 hour deep cleaning operation, and the staff was very thankful for our volunteers. They all got busy at 9am this morning scrubbing, sweeping, wiping, and cleaning, the surgery suites, dog kennels, cat holing areas, and even the break room. The Dumb Friends League is one of the best operations in the nation, according to Larry Beers, Buddy Center Technician.

Here's are some facts from the shelter itself...

According to the most recent statistics (2007) the Buddy Center shelter received 4,927 animals last year. More than 22,000 pets have been adopted since the shelter opened in 2002.

Homes with a Heart is a foster care program for the animals. This success of this program has had the most impact on saving more animal's lives. Thanks, in large part, to 113 volunteers, the program provides care for animals recovering from illness or injury, for orphaned kittens and puppies, and for mother cats and dogs with their offspring.

The Dumb Friends League also hosts a TLC Extended Care program which hosts hundred of dogs, and thousands of cats, while being treated for illness in the TLC Centers at the Quebec Street Shelter. All animals are available for adoption through the program.

Veterinary Services are also available, and before entering the adoption program, all animals are examined, evaluated, and vaccinated. Upon adoption, dogs, cats, and rabbits are spayed or neutered.

If you would like more information on volunteering for the Dumb Friends League, or to make a donation, or adopt a pet visit the website at

Thanks to Larry Beers, the Buddy Center Technician for organizing our volunteer activities, and to team leader Erica Manguia, students Isidro Susano, Mary Pierpont, Sabrina Leonard, Nicole Schultz, Melanie Dominguez, Angela Piercy, Jennifer Lonnes, and Michelle Meyer.

Great work, everyone and congratulations on a full week giving your time to some very worthwhile causes. You have all made a real difference!!!

You are all invited to Wag 'N Trail!!!!

September 20, 2008 from 8:30-12:30

Join the Dumb Freinds League at the Glendale Open Space. I-25 and Surrey Ridge, just north of Castle Rock. Hike the beautifil, 1.6 mile trail with your dog, shop for pet freindly merchandise, and enjoy demonstrations and great food.

Raise and Win!!!!

Raise at least $75 in pledges and get a limited-edition Wag "N Trail logo long-sleeved T-shirt, a fabulous photo of you and your dog, and delicious ice cream treats.

All proceeds benefit the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

Sign up at

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok - the last posts about this project, I promise. But I wanted to share some pictures of our two Student Activities Staff that helped to coordinate and basically run the show up in Estes Park. For some reason, they aren't in any of the other photos I took. I'm guessing they were too busy working!

The first picture is of Zach washing his dishes after dinner. (Yes, everyone had to do their own dishes - no one brought their MOM along on the trip) Next is Jason - he's resting over lunch break after a really hard morning of work!

Here are a few more pictures from our time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Camp Central: Yes, the giant tent was home to ONE volunteer - since we were car camping, Brad decided to travel in style.

A picture of our fearless volunteers and their finished checks.

Ryan and Brad talk things over with Doug, one of our RMNP trail crew leaders.

Heather shows us her muscles, while Chris, with the RNMP trail crew crushes rock.

Brad takes a look at all the rock he's crushed. Pretty impressive!

Pictures from Rocky Mountain National Park

Here are a few pictures from the RMNP volunteer project. First: our fearless VOC staff member Matt, cooking us pancakes for breakfast. The pancakes were pretty good, even though Matt made them too runny at first and had to add in bananas and oatmeal -- what an improviser! And a picture of a few of our great (and silly) volunteers eating breakfast. Clockwise from left: Yanessa, Heather, Kenton, Brad, and Ryan.